Our EMBLab, currently located in the Yungu campus, is equipped for Environmental Bioengineering, Molecular Microbiology, and Bioinformatics. It also has full access to on-campus equipment and platforms for advanced bio-physicochemical characterization (photos to be provided).

Environmental Bioengineering: Bioreactors for enhanced biological phsphorous removal and wastes biomethanation.

Molecular microbiology: general instruments include biosafety hood, incubators, centrifuges, PCR, qPCR, nanodrop, Q-buit, eppendorf eporator, DNA/RNA gel system, cell homogenizer, etc.

Bioinformatics: To analyze large amounts of next and third generation sequencing data, we set up two mini-computer servers in our group with an additional access to the Westlake University High Performance Computing facility. Our github:https://github.com/emblab-westlake.

Other in-lab or on-campus support: advanced LC-MS (QTrap6500+, ), UPLC (Ultimate 3000), UPCC-Waters, SFC 100q/Qda-Waters, GC-MS (7980B-5977B, ZX1-7980B-5977B), Roman Spectrometers, NMR Spectrometers, UV-VIS Spectrometer, Fluorescence Spectrometer, Ultracentrifuge, XRD, SEM, AFM, etc.