Research Interests

The EMBLab conducts interdisciplinary research in the fields of Environmental Sciences and Biology. Its research interests include: 1) microbiome engineering for improving bioremediation, bioeconomy and human health; 2) microbiome assembly mechanism and theory; 3) environmental selection and transmission of antibiotic resistance; 4) Health effects and mitigation of micro-contamination.

Research topics

1) Antimicrobial agents and their resistance genes in the urban waterways

Antimicrobial resistance is taken as one of the world's largest public health threats in this century. Environment plays an important role in the generation and spread of antibiotic resistance. To reduce the transmission of clinically relevant antibiotic resistance from environment to humans   and thus maximize the lifespan of antibiotics as effective medicines,   there is an urgent need for quantitative assessment of the health risk of environmentally occurred antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs). This project is to develop new metrics and model that can quantitatively assess the risks of ARGs, and further apply them to predict the comprehensive health risks of ARGs of key clinically-used antibiotics in urban waterways, including extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) and carbapenemase-coding genes.

2) Microbial Community AssemblyPatterns and Processes in Engineered Ecosystems.

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3) Environmental Biodegradation and DisinfectionByproducts of Non-Antibiotic Pharmaceuticals

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