Chunhong Chen

2020-03-10 17:31


Chunhong Chen abtained her PhD degree in Environmental Science and Engineering in Harbin Institute of Technology. During her doctoral study, she mainly focused on the community diversity and distribution of ammonia-oxidizing microbials in the wetland soiland its correlation with environmental factors using the high-throughput sequencing technology based on the amplicons of function gene and SSU rRNA. InMarch 2020, she joined the EMBLab as a post Doctor for the dissemination and environmental effect of the antibiotic resistant genes in soil.


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    2. Chen Chun-hong,Fu Yuan, Gao Da-wen. Membrane biofouling process correlated to the microbial community succession in an A/O MBR. Bioresource Technology. 2015,197:185-192(SCI Core Collection, DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2015.08.092IF 6.669)

     3. Chen Chun-hong, LiangHong, Gao Da-wen. Community diversity and distribution of ammonia-oxidizing archaea in marsh wetlands in the black soil zone in Northeast China. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering. 2019,13(4)58-73 (SCI Core Collection,DOI:10.1007/s11783-019-1146-z, IF 3.883)