Wang Hui

2020-03-16 14:07


Hui Wang joined the EMB Lab as a Ph.D. student in 2019 after obtaining her master’s degree in environmental engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University. During her master learning (2017-2018), she was studying the wasted activated sludge pretreatment and resource recovery in Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science (RCEES, Chinese Academy of Science) as a visiting student. Her current research interests include:

1. The microbiology study of enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR)   process.

   • The microbiological interaction mechanism of phosphorous accumulating microorganisms (PAOs).

   • The metabolism mechanism of PAOs for complex substrates.

   • The phylogeny and functional express diversity of microorganism involved EBPR.

2. The dispersal, variations and risk assessment of airborne microbiome.

   •The abundance and diversity dynamic of airborne microbial community indifferent area.

   • The relationship between microbial activity, metabolism and environment factor of airborne microbiome.